We have some exciting news we want to share with you! March 18 2016

This year, in anticipation of our upcoming 45th anniversary in 2017, we are excited to present our new logo (seen above).  Over the course of this year you will notice our change as we herald out the old logo and introduce the new one on our products. In addition to this changeover, we will be showcasing some new products later this year that we know you will love!   Just to give you a sneak peak into one new change - we have some fantastic additions to our tea line that will be available later this year.  So keep a lookout as we prepare for our 45th anniversary!


It's an amazing feeling to know we are your preferred small batch roaster! Without all of your continued support we wouldn't be here.  We are one of the oldest originally owned coffee roaster in the pacific northwest and proud of our roots. Thanks to each and every one of you that have been a part of Allann Brothers history; whether that is from our start, nearly 44 years ago, or if you are just discovering us. We just want to say thank you!  Thank you!  THANK YOU!

We also love to hear what you think of our products!  If you love something in our lineup, please write a review.  We want to know how much you love it, what you use it for, and why we are your favorite coffee/tea provider!  

 With all our love and appreciation!
~Allann Brothers Family~

Seasons are Changing and So Are We! March 01 2016

Spring Discounts!

We are proud to announce a new program: Coffee Day Discount!  One day out of each month, we will email a 24-hour discount code that will take 30% off any order over $100 for that day and only that day.  How do you take advantage? Stay subscribed to this newsletter and watch for announcements!
To start off, March's Discount is TODAY!
Valid until 11:59pm tonight, March 1st, 2016

But to get the discount, you need to signup for our newsletter.  You'll get a code at 6pm tonight if you're going to sign up after reading this.  To signup, scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your email in the bottom right.

Coffee Day Discount will occur once every month, on a random day.  So be sure to check your email daily, and keep a look out for the fantastic savings!

In addition, each email subscriber can expect  a variety of specials and discounts throughout the year; including holidays, events, etc.  

Changes in Coffee

We understand that coffee for many of our customers is about an experience, and we want to continue to provide the type of experience you have become accustomed to!  As a commodity, coffee can see a fluctuation in price due to demand, crop cycles, and even weather. At Allann Brothers Coffee, we have made some pricing adjustments beginning today, March 1st. We are making every effort to keep prices low, while not sacrificing quality or sustainability. Thank you for supporting our efforts…  and local business!

Coffee of the Month

The coffee this month is Colombian Full Roast.  And who else should describe it but Lindsey, our Beanery Area Manager for Salem, Oregon.

"I enjoy the caramel sweetness of Colombian which is the best part about this coffee.  Based on its rich flavor Colombian Full Roast will compliment any meal.  The full silky body, crisp acidity and slightly fruity aroma is what truly sets this coffee apart, making it especially well suited for evening or dinner."

$10.95/ lb  - Click here to order yours today! 


Customer Convenience via the Web!

Thank you for the positive feedback regarding our website.  We are working diligently to provide a seamless experience. We are excited to announce that we recently partnered with a familiar name: Amazon; allowing even easier access to a selection of Allann Brothers Coffee products. Take a look, click here.

In addition, we have made improvements to the Account section as well. Customers now have the ability to change the email associated with their account, as well making changes to your shipping address is much easier..

You can now change your emails on your account if you need to, as well it's easier to change your shipping addresses. 

If you have an idea, or just want to leave feedback you can do so by sending email at

Enter our Giveaway!

Thank you for signing up for our email updates!  We are rewarding our loyal coffee & tea lovers by offering monthly giveaways! You can enter by visiting the website and clicking the left blue banner.  No purchase necessary.

Congratulation to Gregory D. of Danville, IN for winning last months giveaway!  We hope you enjoy your French Press and 1lb of Maestro's Coffee!

You too could be a winner!  You're just a click away from finding out!

Change Is In The Air, and It Smells Like Coffee! July 27 2015

“Progress is impossible without change” –George Bernard Shaw, co-founder of the London School of Economics

What is dangerous is not to evolve. –Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of

 It is a season of change at Allann Bros Coffee Roasters! After 42 years of roasting coffee for our valued customers, we are embracing the opportunity to improve our operations, expand our business and ‘reinvent’ ourselves.

Being located in what many consider the ‘heart of coffee country’, the Pacific Northwest; we have taken a hard look at our operations, products and Beanery locations. We want to share some of the exciting changes we are making in an effort to grow, improve and stay at the forefront of the specialty coffee industry.

Rest assured, we will continue to produce the finest in hand roasted artisan coffee. With a rising demand for the world’s finest coffee beans, we have adjusted the way we purchase green coffee, making it necessary to narrow our coffee selections on the website, as well as in our Oregon based Beanery cafes. Coffee lovers will still have a fantastic variety of coffee to choose from, including single origin coffees from Central and South America, Mexico, Africa and Indonesia. In addition, our most popular blends continue to be featured, including Phoenix and the Turtle, Allan’s Cup and Breakfast at 11! All customers will also have choices in certified coffee, including Rainforest Alliance, Direct Trade and Organic! Please be sure to check out our complete line up here at the Allann Bros website, where we took our customer’s feedback to heart and changed our shipping system, moving towards FREE or discounted shipping!

"Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts." –Arnold Bennett, Journalist & Novelist

For over a decade, Allan Bros has worked diligently to keep the price of our specialty coffee in check. As a commodity, coffee often undergoes significant price changes… often on a daily basis! Since 2008, we have absorbed much of the cost in serving fantastic coffee. As we approach the end of 2015, we have had to make changes to some of our cost structures, including adjusting pricing to be in line with acquiring and roasting some of the world’s finest green beans. While we regret that this can result in a negative reaction, please be assured that we work tirelessly to keep prices down, without sacrificing quality.

Many of our long time customers have commented on the obvious changes taking place to our branding, especially in our Beanery cafes. Thank you for your feedback! While the changes are ongoing, we are excited to offer our employees deeper training … from espresso machine to cup. We believe our barista’s make or break your experience! As we move into the future, you will notice changes at our Beanery’s; as we move to a warmer, more inviting environment, for customers of all ages, backgrounds and life schedules. We are very excited to offer FREE WiFi, a new gift card system and seasonal promotions.

Have you tried our NEW, fantastic iced coffee?? If you haven’t, please stop by a Beanery during this hot weather and try a cup!

One of the most important elements to successfully serving customers is to not only offer the coffee they’ve loved for years, but to offer new, exciting products for them to enjoy. Aside from fantastic coffee, we now offer Maya Tea, an 11:1 tea concentrate that you have to taste to believe! And who can resist a combination of coffee, chocolate and vanilla? No one… give our Java Trio concentrate a try. Look for a revamped half gallon Java Trio concentrate to be available in September!

Whether you’re trying to wake up in the morning, cramming for tests, meeting a friend, need something hot, cold or to get you through a work day … “Coffee is an occasion!” We aim to make it a great one.

We want to invite each and every valuable customer to embrace change. Thank you for your business. As we navigate a long list of improvements, we ask that you join us on the journey.

~Stacey Baumann, Sales & Marketing Manager

Website Gift Cards! July 15 2015

Are you looking for a gift you know someone will like?  A recent study says that 100% of people want to always get the right gift, and only 10% know what to get.  That means 90% have the desire to get the right gift but have no clue.  Well we've got the perfect solution to this predicament.

The Allann Bros Coffee Roasters website Gift Card!  Nothing is as perfect as a bag of coffee, tea or a t-shirt!  With the Website Gift Card, you can give someone the joy of picking their favorite brew or apparel!  Give them $10, $25, $50, or $100 gift card and let them choose exactly what they want!  Maybe they want Tea rather than Coffee.  Or they need a new coffee mug.   With the gift card, you always give them the perfect gift.  The gift of Choice!  Allann Bros Gift Card

That's why today, we are proud to launch this website gift card program.  The cards can be purchased right now, and are immediately emailed to you.  You can either print the card code out, or forward the email to the person you wish to give the code to. 

It's that simple!  Go to the Shop > Gifts section on the website to get your Gift Card today!

$5.00 Shipping and Discounts! July 08 2015

As a dedicated provider of the best coffee on this Earth (and maybe Mars, we're looking at you Elon Musk), we've made huge strides to insure that costs are constantly cut and passed directly to you, our favorite customer.  We are happy to announce that all orders under $45 will now only cost a flat $5 for ground delivery to your door.  This way our coffee can spread our joy of coffee to all of the United States, without killing anyones wallet due to shipping.  No longer will you pay rates based on where you get your items shipped.  If you're in Corvallis, Oregon it’s $5.  Or if you're in Harlan, Kentucky it's $5.  Michigan, New York, Florida, Utah, Arizona, Only $5!!  And of course, free shipping if the order goes over $45!    


An a-MAYA-zing Partnership! June 26 2015

Fifteen years ago, the word “chai” didn’t mean much to the average American. Now it is a household term, and our nation has become addicted to the rich Indian drink. Chai lattés are one of the most-ordered items at coffeehouses. It is now the top tea addition in foods; there are as many chai-flavored ice creams on the market as there are green tea ice creams, and chai is a mouth-watering addition to breads, pancakes, cookies, oatmeal and even tiramisu. It is one of the most sought-after flavors on the market—probably because it consists of so many distinct and delicious individual ingredients.

Typical chai masala (masala describes the blend of spices that accompanies black tea) includes ginger, cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon. In addition to those four spices, many chai variations include ingredients like vanilla, saffron, coriander, black pepper, and anise for a unique version of a traditional drink.  Because of this incredible and delicious drink we have reserved distribution rights to the world famous Maya Chai and Maya Devi concentrates.

Maya Tea Company from Tuscon, Arizona has been producing since 1996.  Coming from a long and rich history of heritage rooted in the very foundation of tea.  Maya Tea Company is headed by Manish Shah, founder and continuing entrepreneur.   Manish also manages two farmers markets and is always looking to expand, possibly to a third. 

It was a combination of spices like the ones mentioned above that filled the nostrils of a young Manish Shah in his family’s kitchen. The recipe was his mother’s, a piece of her native country, India, that she brought along as she immigrated with her young family to America.

As a man, Manish determined to make his family’s chai available to all people. This was about fifteen years ago, at that time when “chai” was foreign to Americans. He began to package and sell it at local farmers’ markets for at-home use, but it soon became clear that chai would have to enter the hearts of his community through the doors of coffeehouses. Manish began formulating a version of his chai for use commercially—it would have to be easy and quick to prepare, without compromising any of the virtues of his mother’s original recipe.

After many months of formulation, Manish created a concentrated version of his chai which he christened “Maya” after the first letters of his and his brother’s first names. Today, Maya Chai comes in two varieties, the Original recipe and the spicier, less sweet Devi formula. Other variations are on the horizon, including a caffeine- and sugar-free version. To this day, Manish fights to ensure that anyone and everyone can enjoy the drink that carried him from boyhood to business.

We are very proud to be distributing and serving both Maya Chai & Maya Devi on our website, along with drinks in our Beanery cafe locations throughout the Willamette Valley.  We have spent a lot of time speaking with Manish, understanding his passion and from that we have seen  our own passion reflected back. 

When Allan Stuart started Allann Bros Coffee back in 1972, with a dream to bring the highest quality coffee to people in his community - standards were set.  We would not compromise flavor, quality, or freshness for anything.  Allann Bros Coffee and Maya Tea Company both embody this passion, and together our desire to astound people will be even greater.  We want everyone to know the amazing, jaw dropping, mind blowing taste of GOOD tea and coffee.  And with that, this is a partnership that we all can benefit from.  And your taste buds will love us for it.

Freeze Friday! June 09 2015

This summer, beat the heat at any one of our Beanery's by getting one of our delicious treats!  Freeze's are a great way to cool down, and every Friday from June 4th to August 28th you can start your weekend off with a $2 16oz Freeze!  We've got JavaTrio handcrafted, White Mocha, Green Tea, Espresso, just writing about it makes me want to pop down into the Beanery to get one right now!  But which Beanery should I go to?  Maybe when I'm in Salem I can stop by the Drive Thru off Commerical St, or I could take a trip to beautiful Corvallis and see the Willamette river just a block from the 2nd St. Beanery. Then again, 5th Street Bean in Eugene is a pretty hip spot to relax and chill with a Freeze in my hand.  There are just so many choices!

Be sure to take a selfie enjoying your freeze and tag us on Twitter and Instagram using #AllannBros

The Ashland Beanery May 22 2015

In the early 1970’s the Beanery café and coffee house was born in Ashland, OR. It has been a part of the Ashland community and the Allann Bros culture ever since. The current location, though not the original, has been the home of the Beanery for many years.

This location suffered significantly in 2008 when the recession hit, as did so many businesses. Since that time it has lost roughly 40% of its market share. Allann Bros continued to operate the location mostly out of a sentimental attachment to the community that started it all. The staff diligently tried to entice customers to return, but unfortunately a recovery was not to happen.

It’s always hard to close a location, especially a location in the city that started it all. It has been an outstanding 40+ years, but, due to extraordinary circumstances unseen to most, we decided it was time to close our Ashland location immediately.

Change however, as painful as it can be in the moment, can be a blessing. Nostalgia is not always a good reason to persist at something that does not have a promising future. The city of Ashland had moved on to other coffee houses as is the way of business at times. It was great to have Allann Bros get its start in Ashland and we appreciate the many years the community has shared with us.

Coffee with a Cop May 15 2015

"One of the big issues that law enforcement must continually deal with is communication. We all know that the majority of contacts law enforcement has with the public is in emergency, sometimes adversarial, or emotional situations. Let’s face it; those situations are not always the best time for a nice “sit-down chat about community issues.” So how do we communicate better with the people we serve? The answer to that question is simple; just have a cup of coffee. How is drinking a cup of coffee going to improve the way your agency, its officers, and staff communicate in your community you ask? Well, grab a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable and... [Read more here]
The above quote is from the Coffee with a Cop website,, it's an article on how the Hawthorne, California police department created and bridged the communication barrier between police departments and their community.

From that beginning, many police departments across the states have been adopting the Coffee with a Cop program because of how successful it is. Coffee with a Cop works because it’s simple. Coffee with a Cop creates an atmosphere that facilitates communication by breaking down the traditional barriers that so often exist between police officers and the citizen’s that they serve.

Coffee with a Cop provides a relaxed, neutral atmosphere with no speeches, no agenda and no preset subjects. It  allows a citizen to sit down, one on one with an officer who works in the community that they live, discuss whatever concerns it is that is important to them. The conversation is intimate and personal, important to the citizen and equally to the officer speaking with them.          

Coffee with a Cop provides a “face” for both the officer and the citizen to get to know each other and form a working trust by understanding the mutual goals they both have, a better community. Coffee with a Cop provides “distraction free” time with an officer, no pending radio calls or cell phones going off, just good communication.

Allann Bros Coffee Roasters is proud to host the Coffee with a Cop program for the Albany, Oregon Police Department this May 21st, 7am-9am at our main operations building located at 1852 Fescue St. SE Albany, Oregon 97322.  We welcome our community with free drip coffee and barrier free conversations.  There will be additional food and drink choices available for sale if you also want to have breakfast before, during and after this event.

Albany Democrat-Herald Article

Albany Police Department Facebook Article