Coffee with a Cop May 15 2015

"One of the big issues that law enforcement must continually deal with is communication. We all know that the majority of contacts law enforcement has with the public is in emergency, sometimes adversarial, or emotional situations. Let’s face it; those situations are not always the best time for a nice “sit-down chat about community issues.” So how do we communicate better with the people we serve? The answer to that question is simple; just have a cup of coffee. How is drinking a cup of coffee going to improve the way your agency, its officers, and staff communicate in your community you ask? Well, grab a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable and... [Read more here]
The above quote is from the Coffee with a Cop website,, it's an article on how the Hawthorne, California police department created and bridged the communication barrier between police departments and their community.

From that beginning, many police departments across the states have been adopting the Coffee with a Cop program because of how successful it is. Coffee with a Cop works because it’s simple. Coffee with a Cop creates an atmosphere that facilitates communication by breaking down the traditional barriers that so often exist between police officers and the citizen’s that they serve.

Coffee with a Cop provides a relaxed, neutral atmosphere with no speeches, no agenda and no preset subjects. It  allows a citizen to sit down, one on one with an officer who works in the community that they live, discuss whatever concerns it is that is important to them. The conversation is intimate and personal, important to the citizen and equally to the officer speaking with them.          

Coffee with a Cop provides a “face” for both the officer and the citizen to get to know each other and form a working trust by understanding the mutual goals they both have, a better community. Coffee with a Cop provides “distraction free” time with an officer, no pending radio calls or cell phones going off, just good communication.

Allann Bros Coffee Roasters is proud to host the Coffee with a Cop program for the Albany, Oregon Police Department this May 21st, 7am-9am at our main operations building located at 1852 Fescue St. SE Albany, Oregon 97322.  We welcome our community with free drip coffee and barrier free conversations.  There will be additional food and drink choices available for sale if you also want to have breakfast before, during and after this event.

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