The Ashland Beanery May 22 2015

In the early 1970’s the Beanery café and coffee house was born in Ashland, OR. It has been a part of the Ashland community and the Allann Bros culture ever since. The current location, though not the original, has been the home of the Beanery for many years.

This location suffered significantly in 2008 when the recession hit, as did so many businesses. Since that time it has lost roughly 40% of its market share. Allann Bros continued to operate the location mostly out of a sentimental attachment to the community that started it all. The staff diligently tried to entice customers to return, but unfortunately a recovery was not to happen.

It’s always hard to close a location, especially a location in the city that started it all. It has been an outstanding 40+ years, but, due to extraordinary circumstances unseen to most, we decided it was time to close our Ashland location immediately.

Change however, as painful as it can be in the moment, can be a blessing. Nostalgia is not always a good reason to persist at something that does not have a promising future. The city of Ashland had moved on to other coffee houses as is the way of business at times. It was great to have Allann Bros get its start in Ashland and we appreciate the many years the community has shared with us.