$5.00 Shipping and Discounts! July 08 2015

As a dedicated provider of the best coffee on this Earth (and maybe Mars, we're looking at you Elon Musk), we've made huge strides to insure that costs are constantly cut and passed directly to you, our favorite customer.  We are happy to announce that all orders under $45 will now only cost a flat $5 for ground delivery to your door.  This way our coffee can spread our joy of coffee to all of the United States, without killing anyones wallet due to shipping.  No longer will you pay rates based on where you get your items shipped.  If you're in Corvallis, Oregon it’s $5.  Or if you're in Harlan, Kentucky it's $5.  Michigan, New York, Florida, Utah, Arizona, Only $5!!  And of course, free shipping if the order goes over $45!