Change Is In The Air, and It Smells Like Coffee! July 27 2015

“Progress is impossible without change” –George Bernard Shaw, co-founder of the London School of Economics

What is dangerous is not to evolve. –Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of

 It is a season of change at Allann Bros Coffee Roasters! After 42 years of roasting coffee for our valued customers, we are embracing the opportunity to improve our operations, expand our business and ‘reinvent’ ourselves.

Being located in what many consider the ‘heart of coffee country’, the Pacific Northwest; we have taken a hard look at our operations, products and Beanery locations. We want to share some of the exciting changes we are making in an effort to grow, improve and stay at the forefront of the specialty coffee industry.

Rest assured, we will continue to produce the finest in hand roasted artisan coffee. With a rising demand for the world’s finest coffee beans, we have adjusted the way we purchase green coffee, making it necessary to narrow our coffee selections on the website, as well as in our Oregon based Beanery cafes. Coffee lovers will still have a fantastic variety of coffee to choose from, including single origin coffees from Central and South America, Mexico, Africa and Indonesia. In addition, our most popular blends continue to be featured, including Phoenix and the Turtle, Allan’s Cup and Breakfast at 11! All customers will also have choices in certified coffee, including Rainforest Alliance, Direct Trade and Organic! Please be sure to check out our complete line up here at the Allann Bros website, where we took our customer’s feedback to heart and changed our shipping system, moving towards FREE or discounted shipping!

"Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts." –Arnold Bennett, Journalist & Novelist

For over a decade, Allan Bros has worked diligently to keep the price of our specialty coffee in check. As a commodity, coffee often undergoes significant price changes… often on a daily basis! Since 2008, we have absorbed much of the cost in serving fantastic coffee. As we approach the end of 2015, we have had to make changes to some of our cost structures, including adjusting pricing to be in line with acquiring and roasting some of the world’s finest green beans. While we regret that this can result in a negative reaction, please be assured that we work tirelessly to keep prices down, without sacrificing quality.

Many of our long time customers have commented on the obvious changes taking place to our branding, especially in our Beanery cafes. Thank you for your feedback! While the changes are ongoing, we are excited to offer our employees deeper training … from espresso machine to cup. We believe our barista’s make or break your experience! As we move into the future, you will notice changes at our Beanery’s; as we move to a warmer, more inviting environment, for customers of all ages, backgrounds and life schedules. We are very excited to offer FREE WiFi, a new gift card system and seasonal promotions.

Have you tried our NEW, fantastic iced coffee?? If you haven’t, please stop by a Beanery during this hot weather and try a cup!

One of the most important elements to successfully serving customers is to not only offer the coffee they’ve loved for years, but to offer new, exciting products for them to enjoy. Aside from fantastic coffee, we now offer Maya Tea, an 11:1 tea concentrate that you have to taste to believe! And who can resist a combination of coffee, chocolate and vanilla? No one… give our Java Trio concentrate a try. Look for a revamped half gallon Java Trio concentrate to be available in September!

Whether you’re trying to wake up in the morning, cramming for tests, meeting a friend, need something hot, cold or to get you through a work day … “Coffee is an occasion!” We aim to make it a great one.

We want to invite each and every valuable customer to embrace change. Thank you for your business. As we navigate a long list of improvements, we ask that you join us on the journey.

~Stacey Baumann, Sales & Marketing Manager