Seasons are Changing and So Are We! March 01 2016

Spring Discounts!

We are proud to announce a new program: Coffee Day Discount!  One day out of each month, we will email a 24-hour discount code that will take 30% off any order over $100 for that day and only that day.  How do you take advantage? Stay subscribed to this newsletter and watch for announcements!
To start off, March's Discount is TODAY!
Valid until 11:59pm tonight, March 1st, 2016

But to get the discount, you need to signup for our newsletter.  You'll get a code at 6pm tonight if you're going to sign up after reading this.  To signup, scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your email in the bottom right.

Coffee Day Discount will occur once every month, on a random day.  So be sure to check your email daily, and keep a look out for the fantastic savings!

In addition, each email subscriber can expect  a variety of specials and discounts throughout the year; including holidays, events, etc.  

Changes in Coffee

We understand that coffee for many of our customers is about an experience, and we want to continue to provide the type of experience you have become accustomed to!  As a commodity, coffee can see a fluctuation in price due to demand, crop cycles, and even weather. At Allann Brothers Coffee, we have made some pricing adjustments beginning today, March 1st. We are making every effort to keep prices low, while not sacrificing quality or sustainability. Thank you for supporting our efforts…  and local business!

Coffee of the Month

The coffee this month is Colombian Full Roast.  And who else should describe it but Lindsey, our Beanery Area Manager for Salem, Oregon.

"I enjoy the caramel sweetness of Colombian which is the best part about this coffee.  Based on its rich flavor Colombian Full Roast will compliment any meal.  The full silky body, crisp acidity and slightly fruity aroma is what truly sets this coffee apart, making it especially well suited for evening or dinner."

$10.95/ lb  - Click here to order yours today! 


Customer Convenience via the Web!

Thank you for the positive feedback regarding our website.  We are working diligently to provide a seamless experience. We are excited to announce that we recently partnered with a familiar name: Amazon; allowing even easier access to a selection of Allann Brothers Coffee products. Take a look, click here.

In addition, we have made improvements to the Account section as well. Customers now have the ability to change the email associated with their account, as well making changes to your shipping address is much easier..

You can now change your emails on your account if you need to, as well it's easier to change your shipping addresses. 

If you have an idea, or just want to leave feedback you can do so by sending email at

Enter our Giveaway!

Thank you for signing up for our email updates!  We are rewarding our loyal coffee & tea lovers by offering monthly giveaways! You can enter by visiting the website and clicking the left blue banner.  No purchase necessary.

Congratulation to Gregory D. of Danville, IN for winning last months giveaway!  We hope you enjoy your French Press and 1lb of Maestro's Coffee!

You too could be a winner!  You're just a click away from finding out!